You always wonder what you did wrong when left by someone you love. You wonder why they stopped loving you and if there is anything you could have done to change it.

You always hear the thoughts they leave unspoken, especially if you are the one leaving. You feel like you know their thoughts and wished you can stop them from having those thoughts. You weren’t aware of the fact that leaving can be so hard.

Your hurts portray itself in different ways when you are left by someone you love. Other times the hurt manifests out as anger. You use spiteful words to hurt them back. At times you live in denial and the hurt doesn’t manifest at all. Sometimes you become unable to do anything and just feel the hurt.

When you are the one leaving, you always feel a different kind of pain. You don’t feel its impact immediately but you will later. You will hurt because you caused someone else pain.

You always think time will heal the pain you are feeling when left with someone you love. You count days and months to see if you are getting better. You think it’s time that’s lessening the effects not knowing it’s just by living.

Time is not important if you are the one leaving. You are just aware of the happenings and don’t feel time passing or standing still.

When the one you love leaves you, you are always reminded of them everywhere you go. The memories of all the things you used to do come back. There’s nothing you can do to erase the memories.

When you are the one leaving, the memories still come back but you can still visit your favorite spots and joints without feeling bad. You don’t mind those memories but enjoy them.