Have you tried getting your ex back but you don’t see any effort?

Have you felt like you’ve tried everything to have them back only to feel like you’re not satisfied like you were in the past?

Are you confused about whether you should just lose hope on that relationship and just move on?

The answer to this question looks easy since some individuals will just say, but they are an ex for a reason, but for you, it might feel like something else.

It’s quite unfortunate that there are days you just have to give up on your relationship even if you still love the other person and that’s exactly what I want to discuss today.

Below are signs that you should definitely lose hope on your relationship with your ex and begin to get over it for good.

  1. Your ex is in a serious relationship with somebody else

Trust me, you’re just hurting yourself by looking at their wedding photos on Facebook. Just call it quits when they start staying with someone else, get into another relationship or better marry another person.

The fact that they have moved on should be a sign that you should start getting over them. If you have plans of making them split you’re just doing zero work. And so is the thoughts that maybe one day they’ll their husband or wife for you. It’s quite unfortunate that you might feel like you need the relationship but they don’t feel like that anymore.

  1. There are several things you were unable to solve in your relationship

It can be tiring to get your ex back. There are so many reason s to call it to quit forever, from them wanting kids but you don’t want to disagreements and drug abuse etc. when trying to get them back, these things won’t be evident but know that if you become successful and got them back, you will still face the same serious problems that made you broke up. It’s not worthy to keep trying if you can’t solve those problems.

  1. You were abused

Do not even think about this. Just go for good.

  1. There’s a lack of respect between you

This poisons the relationship over time. You should consider having a family or if you have one, you’ll be able to see the effect of this.

Would you like to see your children grow up thinking that disrespecting their mates is very okay? Most likely not. Individuals usually defend this saying that it’s not bad while it will just affect their family as they look. Respect is very important in every relationship and you’re worthy of it, and so is your partner.

  1. They just disappeared

This means they didn’t respect you. They didn’t bother to tell you that the relationship was over.

Let’s say they come back, what makes you sure they won’t dump you like that again? You do not want to worry constantly if they’ll leave each and every time they go out. If you keep worrying like this, you’ll just destabilize your relationship forever.

  1. When welcoming them back has just taken over your life and lowered your self-esteem

I have said this before and ill still repeat.  There are crazy things unhealthy that heartbreaks can make us go through. Driving to your ex and sob at the door may seem normal.

You are wasting your time if you decide to cling in this place of heartbreak.  Being in this kind of situation will just lower your self-esteem which is not good.

Lastly, you’re the only one to decide what time is best for you to move on. But if you’re experiencing the things above I’ll urge you to reconsider whether its time calls it to quit and let your ex be and turn a new page in your relationship life.