Do you want to let someone go that doesn’t love you, but you are struggling with the idea? Maybe you gave them time to fix the relationship and to allow things to be better, but things have not gotten better and maybe even worse.

Letting go of someone that doesn’t love you is hard. Even if you have hoped for change and didn’t see it, you still had in your heart that you could live happily ever after with this person. This is a hard situation and making a move to get out of the relationship can be very devastation but when you let them go, it can help you to find the right person for you.

How Much Do You Want This?

Before you make any changes, find out how determined you are to let go. If you are sure that the relationship isn’t going anywhere, you are probably ready to let go. Stop holding on to something that will never be.

Do you feel strong enough to do this? If you answered yes, then move on but if you answered no, you might need more time.

Make Lists

Take time to make 3 lists and the first one is how you know he doesn’t love you; the second list is what are you telling yourself that isn’t true, and the third list should be about what you do want in a relationship.

In the first list, you have to list what shows you that he doesn’t love you such as him not making time for you or him not texting you back. Maybe you want sex, and it isn’t happening. There could be a list of reasons why you feel he no longer loves you.

In the second list, you might be tricking yourself to believe he is better than you are giving him credit for. Maybe you believe he will start loving you more or that he will be more committed. Maybe he isn’t over his ex and you are telling yourself he is. These are things that you are telling yourself, but you know they aren’t true.

In the last list, list the things that you want in a relationship. Write down what is important to you such as respect, time and love. Do not let the list go and look at it often.

Cut It Off

Once you decide to end the relationship, close it off. Do not allow him to keep coming back for sex or for late night calls. Do not allow him to be in your life when he is lonely.

Once you decide to stop the relationship, cut him completely out and block him on social media and on your phone. Stay away from places he frequents and let him go.

Doing this can help you to change your habits and help you to be your own person. Have a no contact rule with him.

Know You Will Find Love

One thing about breaking up is that people think they might never find love again. This is not true.

Everyone has a chance to find new love and there are many single people out in the world. Just because you are with this person does not mean that there isn’t another person out there for you.

Get out of your relationship that makes you feel bad and find someone that is the person you were hoping for from the beginning.

Put Yourself Out There

Go out and find love. Go to clubs and to the gym. Get dressed up and go out with your friends and have fun. Meet new people and allow your freedom as a single gal to be in charge.


When you love someone and you have strong feelings for them, it can be hard to let them go, even if they aren’t treating you how you deserve.

Allow them to be out of your life and take action to improve yourself and to find happiness. Be determined to get out and to find new love.

Saying goodbye is never easy but you will find someone else to love if you give yourself a chance. Be happy and let your happiness embrace you.