Nothing is harder than to find out that the person you are with is someone that is not meant for you.  It is a hard experience to love someone and find out that you are not meant to be with them, and you should not love them.

There are some ways that you can release yourself from being with someone that you should move away from:


When you stay in touch with someone that you love but can’t be with, this can be hard.  Some people have to be very strong in order to do this and if you have the courage to keep spending time with them, then you will have a friend for life.

Sometimes it is hard to focus on having someone in your life that you cannot love and just being friends.  You might spend more time obsessing over them.


You need to try to find a hobby or activities that you enjoy doing and find the passion to do them.

Don’t dwell on dreams that you have with them but work towards letting them go and moving on with your life.

Protecting You

When you are just friends with someone that you love, this is hard.  You have to be there for them still and take time to protect who you are.  When you feel that this is too much, don’t get hurt and set limits.

Supporting Them

You need to still support someone that is your friend.  You need to reach out to them and help them when they are feeling down and bad about things.

Be Real

Don’t allow yourself to make things up and learn to be real.  Even when you are weak, you have to remind yourself that you are just friends and decide to stay or move on.

If you decide to keep being friends with them, you need to not let your heart change things to another situation and just stay with friendships.

Limit Your Contact

You might find that you have to limit the amount of time that you spend with this person.  You have to stop your emotions from getting too strong and allow yourself to be who you are.

Limit your contact and take time that you need so you can understand things in the relationship.

Date Other People

This doesn’t mean to rush into a new relationship but allow yourself to meet new people and to enjoy life.  Don’t always look at him as being the one who got away because that will never allow you to move on.

Write it Down

Write down what you are feeling and make sure that you write down your pain and heartache.  This can allow you to let your emotions out without putting the strain on anyone else.  If you feel that your emotions are trapped, let your heart and mind have a rest by acknowledging your feelings.


You must take time to grieve when things are painful in your life.  It will feel like your life is cut out and that you have to have time off.

It is best to let your feelings out and tell someone how you are feeling.  Go out and scream and shout but get better.  Don’t hide your emotions.

Tell Them

Express your emotions to people around you.  One of the best ways you can move on is to say what you are feeling.  Be honest and let them know in the best way that you can that you have pain in your heart.  You deserve to close this season of your life and move on.