There is no real definition that means cheating and some cheaters cause more damage than just having sex with a man or a woman. Whenever you cheat or are not loyal to someone, even something as small as a kiss can constitute betrayal.

Even though adultery is a big thing in our society, you need to understand that there are different types of cheaters.

Rock and Rollers

Some people cheat like to have music and sex. Many times, research shows that those that listen to rock and roll are more likely to cheat than those that listen to other music like country music and hip hop.

Women Cheaters

Women cheaters commit adultery because they need their emotional needs to be fixed. Being involved with someone emotionally is the same way as being in a sexual relationship. This can get to the point where a relationship cannot be fixed.

Happy Relationships

People that cheat do not always feel that their relationship is bad. Sometimes a cheater will cheat because they just meet someone and it doesn’t mean that they aren’t happy, it just means they know they can cheat.


A cheater will see that they can be turned on and they can figure out how to be frisky and get sex with someone other than their partner.


Women that are ovulating are more likely to cheat than those are not. This is part of the fertility phase of the menstrual cycle and it can be a time where women feel that they are sexy, and their body is in top mode.

Fixing the Marriage

Some men will cheat so that they can fix their marriage.  They believe that they can save it by having sex with someone else and it will make them love their spouse more.

Someone They Know

Most of the time a cheater will cheat with someone that they know such as a friend or co-worker.

Getting Caught

Cheaters usually want to get caught. They hate being secretive and it makes them feel guilty. They will sometimes set up their partner so that they can find out that they are cheating and then they can get help.


Not everyone will cheat just because they are out to be unfaithful, sometimes there are other reasons behind it.  Figure out what is causing your partner to cheat and if you need to get counseling, do what you can to save your relationship.