Some people think of the word committed and they feel that it is something that all couples have to struggle with. Some people use the term very lightly and this means that they are never really committing to their relationship.

If you want to know if your partner is going to commit to you or not, you need to know that commitment comes in different forms. Being committed is different for all people because people have their own rules when it has to do with dating.

The good news is that if you are in a committed relationship that you can have boundaries and your relationship can flourish.

Spending Time Together

Life is so busy and when you have time to spend with someone and you choose your partner, it can be a good sign that they are committed to you.

You might spend more time together than with anyone else and this is because you want to know everything about them and get close to them. No one has to be limited to what time they spend with someone and if they are serious, they will try to be close to you.


Taking a mini vacation is a great way that you can get to know your partner better. You might want to go away for a few days to have some together time.

You enjoy spending time with someone, and you like to spend money on them and to spoil them. If you are committed, you won’t feel that you are wasting your time with someone that doesn’t matter.

Being on vacation together can help you to cross other roads and to get out of your comfort zone with them.

Thinking of Them

If your partner is always on your mind, it might mean you are ready to commit to them. Maybe you think of them everywhere you go, even grocery shopping.

When you see that you are buying them small things at the grocery store, chances are you are a little more than committed.


Talking about the future together is a sure sign that your partner is thinking about being committed. People don’t talk about the future unless they plan on living together or making new plans with them.

Having discussions about the future can help you to know if you found someone that is a keeper.


Everyone needs to make sacrifices for people that they love here and there. This happens because you care about each other.

When you decide to be committed to someone, you will do things that might be hard or out of the way for you. This can be picking them up, buying them things or spending time doing things for them when they cannot get things done.


You should share intimate things with your partner. When you find someone that you can confide in, you will see that you are getting closer with them.

Learn to be vulnerable with your partner and this is a sign you are looking to be in the relationship long term.


Do you ever feel like you could talk forever to this person? If so, this means you are focused on them and you are committed to them.

When you run out of things to talk about, it seems like you come up with more because they are easy to talk to.


You encourage each other to be the best and you see that you want to be with them all the time. This means they are including you in their private life and you have met their family and friends.

Doing Enough

You find that you cannot do enough for them because you want them to be happy. You do what you can, and you want to do everything in your life to make them smile.


This person is so important to you and you are important to them. They put you first in their life and they take care of everything you need.


You make plans to spend the holidays together and you decide if you are spending it with your family or his. When you want to spend these times together it can mean you are getting closer to each other.

You Become a We

Once your partner changes his language, he will start saying “we” when talking about you and him. If you hear him referring to you as a we, it means you are in a relationship for the long run.

What Does Commitment Mean?

Some people hate the idea of being committed but if you want to be with someone that you love, this can be an amazing thing.

It can be overwhelming at first but once you commit to your relationship, you will see that you can be with someone that loves you and someone that you love.

He might make changes in his life for you, and you will do the same.

Here are some things that might happen if you find you are committed:


Instead of making decisions for yourself, you put your partner in the picture. You make sure that it works for both of you and that both needs are met.

Some people hate to be committed because they are selfish.

Value Needs

You learn to look at what your partner needs and you take value in what they say and what they want.


You learn to compromise with your partner in all things. You know that life goes for both of you, and you agree on things but the things you don’t agree on, you compromise.

Best Friend

This person will become your best friend and you will see that they are everything in your life. They are there for you when you need them.


You learn to work together, and you become family to each other. You can’t imagine living without them and their family becomes yours and your family becomes theirs.


When you fight, you make up. You know that you will not always agree and that is part of life. Every couple fights here and there but real couples will work through it and will move on.


If you are not sure if you are in a committed relationship or not, you need to look at it and find out what you want and what you have. Learn to be happy and to reach for what you desire in your life.