If you have ever had a friend that was close, but you wondered if it was more than just friendship, then you are not alone. Many people have wondered if or what would happen. Use the pointers below to better understand the real status of your current friendship or relationship.

Are You More?

Friends tend to have many happy things in common and this simple friendship can often grow more complex. A great friend is a companion, but a great lover is an even better companion. If you and your friend are perfect for one another, you will inevitably fall in love. This requires a strong friendship and a bit of secret attraction. If you are more than friends then these friends to lover tips and facts will help you out.

  • Daily Calls – Though it may start as an occasional call to share gossip, over time the calls are more frequent and much longer. Soon, neither of you will be able to imagine going to bed without speaking to the other.
  • Sharing Secrets – Lovers can finish one another’s sentences and friends who are vying for something more will share secrets and opinions. This is exciting and the sharing of dirty details that no one else knows is enthralling. Friends who want more will flirt without being able to help it and part of this is sharing intimate details with one another.
  • Overprotectiveness – Friends on the verge of more tend to be overly protective of one another. Good friends help each other now and then, but those trying for something more go the extra mile.
  • Jealousy – If your friend is attractive and receives lots of attention from others, including being asked out and you get irritated, then you are getting jealous and a bit possessive over something that you have not yet admitted to or that you like.
  • Weekends and Holidays – Groups of friends meet on the weekends and evenings often. When you meet your friend, is it alone or with others? Do you spend time together on weekends or holidays, times of leisure? If so, a romance is likely budding.
  • Date Each Other – Okay, these may not be called dates at first, but if you go out just the two of you often, then you are leading to romance at some point. This is true even if others are dated in between.
  • Pet Names – If you have exclusive pet names for one another then you are likely more than friends. Pet names are given by people when they feel extreme affection toward one another. This is usually people in love.
  • Extreme Loyalty – If you stand up for your friend no matter what, trust them with everything, then you are likely in love. Those in love want what is best for one another and will be supportive no matter what. This is why it hurts so much when love ends. So extreme loyalty is a sign of love.
  • Petting and Cuddling – Petting and cuddling is a huge sign you are more than friends. Do you spend time holding hands or resting on the other’s shoulder? This would be enough to make a date uncomfortable which means you have moved into the love category.
  • You Want a Kiss – There will be times when this thought passes, but if it is a big part of your time together, then you are more than friends. Friends do not consider making out with one another or dating.

You Are More Than Friends….What Now?

This is the trickiest part. Just because you both are more than friends; it does not mean you are falling headlong in true love or that you will be married soon and forever. It may go that way, but it could just be you are emotional and in lust, not love. It could be that you just want to know what it would be like to date someone so close. It may be you both feel the same way and if this is the case, then try things out. If not, ask if you really want more than friendship or are happy with the way things are at the moment. If you don’t know how to get the conversation started, try “I wonder why WE never tried dating” and see how the conversation goes.