Getting Over Jerks

Getting Over Jerks

Everyone has dated that one guy that was a complete and total jerk.  Your friends tell you that he is no good but you choose not to listen to them.  They don’t control you and you can do what you want.  You never believe that they know what they are talking about anyways.

We both know, they were right and that he was a complete jerk.  After the relationship only lasted a couple of months, you realized that he was pretty rude and nasty.  Even though he was a complete and total loser, you have a hard time getting over him.


You know that the way that he acted was just a front that he used to make himself seem stronger than he was.  You know that he was afraid of being vulnerable and that you know there was good in him.  There were even times that you seen him help people that were needy or give an extra hand to a friend.  You know that he would do it when no one was looking because he was afraid of not having the tough guy reputation.


When he was honest, it might hurt you and those around him.  He would show his honesty as a complete and total jerk and would offend everyone in the room with what he said.  Even though he acted like this, you knew that he wasn’t going to lie to you or say things to you to make you feel better.  You could always guess that he would tell you what he was thinking.  If he told you that you were beautiful, he meant it.  You know that you would miss being around someone that is always giving you the truth.


He might be a pain and a jerk, but you felt like you could always count on him when you asked him to do thing.  He would tell you what he wanted and if he committed to something, you knew he would do it.

You always knew what to expect from him and even if you knew he was out doing something that you didn’t really want him to do, chances are that he already told you he was doing it.


You will admit that he was smooth and charming and that he was like a prince, well at least at first.  He knew that he was doing things to get you aggravated and he would drink and then know the perfect words to say to you so that you wouldn’t be mad.

He always knew how to play the game and would get just what he wanted.

Bad Guy

No matter what you did, he knows that he is a jerk and so he would always take the blame when something bad happened.  If you didn’t want to go somewhere, he would cancel it because he knew that people didn’t like him much and he didn’t want you to get blamed.  He would always do things to get your friends to side with you and when you fought, he would always take the blame.


The world is full of people that are complete jerks and ones that will enter your life from time to time.  You will probably date a few of these and so it is important that you know who they really are.

When you think about him, you think he is just another guy and that you can move on any time you want to.  Even if you guys have problems, you know if you move on, you will never be his girl again and he won’t be yours.  You have to accept that its time to move on and you can let him go, as the problem that he was, to another girls life.  This way you can move on without the hurt and heartache, just knowing he will be another girls jerk.

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