When a guy does not like you the way that you like him, it can be frustrating, but it does happen.  Maybe you have liked him for a long time and you have finally told him and then he rejected you or maybe you have known him for a long time but you found out that he does not like you that way.

Maybe you have met someone that is new and thought that you two would do great together and then to find out that he did not feel the same.

When this happens, it can make you feel bad and it can put you in an awkward situation.

These feelings can almost feel like you are breaking up with someone. But you have no right to really be upset with this person because you have never really gotten close to them in the first place. But the truth is, it can make you feel that you are in a situation that is almost impossible to get out of.

The great news is, there are ways you can get over someone that does not feel the same about you and you can do this fast without feeling in pain or misery about the situation. This can mean you can be over it without being sad or wanting them.

Making a quick plan to get over someone is easy and here are some ways to do it:

If you want to get over someone that does not like you, you have to accept that they do not feel the same way as you. He is not going to change his mind and you need to stop hoping that things will change. Allow yourself to feel the pain and stop putting the energy into him that you did before and find something better to do with your time.


Do not have hope that he will change because he will not. You have to accept that you wanted to be together, but he did not feel the same and if you can stay friends, that is good.

There is no time to be stuck in a situation where you feel that something is going to happen that is not. The best way to get over him is to get over the hope that you will be together.


Allow yourself time to feel the hurt but learn to get over it. Do not hide the pain but let it come out. Accept that it is what it is and that it is painful but let your emotions heal and let your emotions be in control.

Later, if you suppress them, you will have to deal with these emotions and move past them. If you want to take time to write them down or to journal about them, do it. This can help you to grieve and to get over these feelings and move forward.

Focus on You

Take time to do something that you love to do. Being rejected is hard but you are still in control of your own life. Not being in control can make you feel sad or depressed and the best way to handle this is to find a new hobby, figure out ways to use your time, work towards better yourself such as join the gym or take a yoga class.

When you fix your body, your mind and emotions will get better. Pick up some kind of exercise habits that you love to do and allow your negative feelings and energy to turn into something positive.


Get with your friends and let them talk to you. If you have been rejected, you need someone to lift you up and to show you that you are important.

Allow your friends to help you get rid of your feelings and to move forward in your life. If you are worried about your friends being burdened by you, don’t be. This can help you to be supported and help you to feel better about your life.

Feeling Better

When you start to feel better, notice it. Talk to someone about how you are healing and learn to recognize the milestones of it.

Start small and eventually you will be able to completely move on from this person. As time goes on, you will heal. Even when you do not feel good, you will see that this can help you to move forward and help you to feel better.

When you want to know what to do next, first heal and then everything else will fall into place. Working on yourself and finding happiness will help you to see that you are girlfriend material and that you are strong.

Never allow the fear and the frustration that you have because of others cause you to mess up the relationships that you do have. Be happy to be with your friends and family. Eventually love will come to you and you will meet someone that you really care about.