Everyone is born with psychic giftings. Some people know their gifts right away, but other people have a hard time accepting that they have these gifts.

Showing of your gifts is not always easy and you have to have the right mindset. You cannot push thing and you need to be patient.

No matter how hard you try, you need to learn to just relax and let yourself be positive, think good things and stay calm and clear in your mind and your heart.

Your gifts are part of your psychic traits, and they will come to you without you having to fight for them.

Everyone has intuition and will get different signs from the universe. Sometimes things that happen seem like a coincidence, but they are not coincidences, they are signs from the universe, and you have to learn to pay attention.

Maybe you have been in your home, and you have felt like someone was there to visit you or maybe you had a thought about someone and then later you passed them down the street.

Chances are that you have smelled something that smelled very familiar, or you felt in your heart that the phone was going to ring, and then it did.

You might have strong feelings about going a different direction or not going down a certain alley. These are things that keep you safe.

Your intuition, gut feeling, or your inner voice is there to help you to make good decisions in your life that keep you safe and happy.

Some people win things, such as the lottery because they feel that the numbers just come to them.

Other people will have vivid dreams that have much detail, and the dreams will come true to tell you something about the future. Other dreams that people have will tell them about their past life.

If you walk by someone and your mood changes, chances are that you are picking up the feeling of that person.

You will sometimes feel connected strongly to someone that you have just met, and you will feel that you have a connection that is different than other connections that you have ever had.

Everyone has giftings and some people just need to learn to embrace the fact that they have a gift and learn how to use it.

You can develop your gift and be able to know that you have a gift if you learn to listen to the signs and pay attention to what the universe is trying to show you.

You are not just a human that messes up, but you are someone that has been enlightened and you have been given a gift that only yourself can limit.

The next time you feel that you have a gift of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting or just an emotion that is unusual for you, notice it. This can be your gift that you are just realizing you have.