Relationships are meant to enhance our lives, so it can be tough to admit when we are part of one that is accomplishing the opposite. It can also be tough to accurately analyze your own situation, but there are some telltale signs, red flags, that we need to watch for in life. While no relationship is perfect, ignoring too many red flags can be problematic. Its one thing if your better half is annoying at times, but another if your values are always being questioned. Red flags should not be ignored because they never disappear, just get bigger. By the time they are too big to ignore, it is too late. Though it may seem like an unhealthy relationship would be easy to recognize, sometimes we allow ourselves to be blind to the obvious. Strong feelings can cloud our judgment.

Below are a few signs to pay attention to and never ignore:

A Lasting Gut Impression

We all know the feeling, a sickening gut level feeling that seems to alert us to something amiss. Trust this instinct because the heart knows what is right and what is not.

Doubting Your Partner

Trust is essential in a relationship and when it is lacking, something is very wrong. If you do not trust your partner and spend time looking for clues about what is going on, it is a huge red flag.

Disturbed Sleep

When you cannot seem to get a good night’s sleep, it can be a sign of stress. Many times, it is relationship-based stress. You may toss and turn or have nightmares, but it is a red flag.

Ignoring Friends and Loved Ones

If your friends and family members do not like your partner, so you ignore them instead of heeding the warnings, it is a red flag. You are hiding yourself away, trying to live in a fantasy. It is time to face the truth.

Your Needs Come Last

Relationships, by design, are to be mutually beneficial. You should never be the only one sacrificing. If you always let your own needs and desires drop to fill your partner’s then it is a red flag.

Keeping Score

If your relationship has become a score board of who did what or accomplished what, then it is a red flag. A relationship is about being a team, not trying to one-up the other person at every turn.

Withdrawing from Each Other

Time alone is important and necessary, but if it is a way to avoid your significant other often, then it is a red flag. Relationships need connection and comfort, which means spending time together. If you do not want to spend time together, either start working together or move on.

Being Manipulated

If your partner is constantly trying to exert control over you then the relationship is unhealthy and could end up dangerous. No one should control what you do or who you see. Being manipulated is a red flag.

Fear of Introducing Them

If you hesitate or avoid introducing your other half to others then it is a red flag. If this is a problem, figure out why and see if it can be corrected, if not, move on.