There are many single moms and there are many situations where the father is not very respectful to the mother.  Here are some things a single mother might face from the father:

  • Him talking down to you.
  • Putting other women over their child.
  • Taking girlfriends out on his weekend.
  • Trying to fix the relationship while dating other women.
  • Not answering texts or phone calls.
  • Not being intentional with the child.
  • Being rude and disrespectful.
  • Having his family being rude and disrespectful.
  • Moving and not telling where he went.
  • Saying he didn’t love the children.
  • Allowing his friends to call you names.


It is hard for women to go through certain situations with an ex-boyfriend or husband that share children.  It is not easy to be in situations where you have to always make decisions for your child and especially when you are being disrespected.


Your child’s father might be the worse person than you know, and you want him to apologize for how he talked to you and what he has done.  Maybe you have begged him to come and see your child and now it is time that you let the situation go.

There is a point that you have to realize that you cannot control your ex or how he lives.  You cannot make him decide to be part of your child’s life or to even be nice to you.  The more you try to control the situation, the more he will treat you badly and will do what he wants, regardless of how you feel.

You have to stop trying to control him and trying to make him do what you want.  If he wants to do the right thing, he will and if not, he won’t.

Remove Yourself

If your child’s father wants to see your child then let him, but if he chooses not to, you have to stop being upset with him.  If he doesn’t want to see your child and he calls you to be disrespectful, remove him out of your life.  Block his number and stop talking to him.  If he wants to interact with you, he needs to be kind.

You do not have to allow your child’s father to be rude to you or to disrespect you.  Do not let the situation get out of hand and take him out of your life if you have to.

Keep Your Spirit

When someone is rude to you, you need to not be rude back.  Keep your kind spirit and treat him the way that you want to be treated.  Nothing gets someone more upset than being treated kindly when they are being rude.  If he is being rude to you, chances are he wants to upset you.  Be classy and respond in a kind and loving way.

Don’t let your child’s father get you upset and make you act a way that you wouldn’t normally act towards someone.


Even if your ex is rude to you, don’t be rude to them.  Don’t go and sleep with them or do things to them to try to make them be part of your child’s life.

In a situation where your child’s father is being disrespectful to you, don’t follow in suit.  Don’t allow him to cause you to be disrespectful back.


When you need someone to step in for the benefit of you and your child, such as for child support, let the courts handle it.  Don’t get revenge or be angry, just allow the courts to handle it.  If this is part of the visitation, once again, let the courts handle it.  They will take care of things.

Going back and forth with your child’s father is unhealthy for you and for your child.  Trying to chase him down to be who you want him to be is only going to cause you more pain and agony.

Be the Better Person

It can be hard to be the bigger person and to be strong when you are dealing with a rude person in your life.  You have to learn to be involved in your child’s life and to not worry about other people that are not.  If your ex makes excuses for what he is doing and why he isn’t there, just let it roll off your back.  Don’t worry about what is going on and if he comes, he does and if he doesn’t, he doesn’t.

It is your responsibility to keep your child safe and to make sure that your children are taken care of.  Don’t worry about his opinion and the opinion of others, do what you have to do in order to make your life and the life of your child safe and happy.

Be the Best

Do whatever is best for your child.  If your child’s father keeps disrespecting you, don’t listen to it.  Get a better job and do whatever you can to keep you and your family happy.  He will have to show you respect in front of your child and if you feel that he isn’t, don’t disrespect him back.


You don’t have to tolerate someone being rude to you.  Let people know that you are strong and that you are able to take care of your child.  Let being in his or her life be a good thing.  Offer your child’s father to see your son or daughter but never push it or allow them to be rude to your child or to you about the situation.