Leaving a Toxic Relationship

Leaving a Toxic Relationship

When things fall apart, it hurts.  You are in love, but the relationship has become toxic for you.  You get no rest and you can’t understand why he or she won’t change to make things better.  You wonder if they ever loved you and you have tried all you can think of to save the relationship.  The pain comes and seems unbearable.  You feel like you will surely lose yourself.

Letting Go

Letting go of someone is hard and you have to force yourself to accept that things aren’t going to work out. There are too many lies, and cheating is too much to handle.  He can also be abusive to you.  You need change and you need to not let him hurt you.

Deserve More

You have to get to the point where you realize you aren’t getting enough and that you have put in too much sweat and tears to make the relationship work and it just isn’t going to.  The time that you wasted on the wrong person does not mean that you cannot find someone new to replace this.

Let things go and get out of abusive relationships.


One of the worse things you can do is wait for someone to change while you are being mistreated.  You have to accept that they are who they are, and they aren’t going to change.  If they won’t even admit their mistakes, then they are not going to change.

They might promise change, but this is not genuine because it just happens when you threaten to leave.  They will most likely never change and you will be in a relationship that has so many downs that the ups are not even seen.  This can cloud your judgment and make you make bad decisions.


Leaving a relationship is painful and will hurt.  You will get over being alone and being sad.  These are times that you will need to cry and scream and be angry, but you will eventually get over it.

When you end the relationship, you will see you are alone initially, but you will realize that it is better than being verbally or physically abused.  You will work through the pain.


Allow yourself to cry and let go of the pain.  Don’t hold in your emotions.  Trying to do this only will hurt you.  Expect to have tough times.

Cry and cry again.  Let it out until the tightness in your chest goes away.  Eventually the hurt will lessen, and you will see that you are going to be okay.

Take Time

Take time for yourself and let your heart and mind rest.  Go out and have time with your friends and family.  Spend time focusing on yourself and making sure that you are happy.  Allow time to heal you.  Find new hobbies that are fun and that you enjoy doing.  The healing won’t happen right away, but it will come.

Be Happy

Your life is just beginning, and it isn’t over.  Take control of yourself and realize that you don’t have to be alone.  Find friends and family to vent to and to talk to.  You can get through this.  This is hard but you will make it.  You deserve better and this is the beginning.

Believe in yourself and declare that you are healing and that you are moving forward with a great life.

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