Love is confusing and can cause you to have feelings that you don’t know how to control.  Love can also have you guessing how someone really feels about you and can make you wonder about life in itself.

We think that we know when we fall in love with someone but there are times when we aren’t sure if they love us back.

Signs That Your Love is One Sided

Do you always wonder what someone that you like is doing and where they are off to?  Do you wonder if they are out living a good life?  Do you have a picture of them in your phone and wonder if they would be upset if they found out about it?  Still, you won’t delete it.

You might have true love for them but you are worried that all of your feelings might make you a stalker.  Do you run into them “accidently?”  Do you get jealous when you find out that they are out with someone else?

This might be a sign that your love is one sided.  Do you ever feel that they are using you and that they don’t appreciate you?  Do you wish that hey would find you and be affection to you?

Our culture shows us that having one sided love is normal.  Shakespeare writes about it, Cusack writes about it and people even sing and play music about it.

Being lazy has given us a reason to believe that one sided love is part of being romantic and it leads people to try to win someone to love them.

If you are always the one that is trying to contact them then you might be missing the sign that they don’t really love you.  It might be time to move on.

Do you think in your mind about what you could do with the person you love?  Do you tell people about the guys that got away and you are already thinking about the desires you have?  This is one sided love.

We need to be blunt.  If someone has told you that it is not you, chances are that they don’t love you.  If they told them that they aren’t ready, it means they probably don’t love you.

It is tempting to be sad about this but it is funny how we go from sensitive to other feelings towards people.  It is important to understand that no one has to owe you or be with you if they don’t want to be.

They Are Perfect

If you feel someone is perfect and you desire to be with them, then you have put yourself in a position that is holding you back on for the wrong person.

You Feel That You Are Nothing if they Don’t Love  You

When you put yourself in the position that you will only be satisfied if that one person loves you then you need to learn to live your own life as a whole.

If you love someone and it makes you who you are then you are being selfish and codependent on someone.

Thinking of them Makes You Anxious

When you want someone and want to believe that someone loves you then it can make you feel anxious.  This is proof that it could be one sided.

No Physical Contact

If you can’t even get a hug, there is no intimacy there.

Touch is important when you are trying to bond and if you think you are in love but you never hold hands or make eye contact with this person then that is a sign that the feeling is one sided.