Cutting your ties with your ex is more important than you realize and even though it is hard, it is important to remove them from your social media and tell them not to contact you anymore.  The reason that this is important is because you need to recover from the breakup and if having them talk to you or having them in your face all the time causes you to have a hard time letting go, remove them.

Blocking someone on your social media is much better than having it thrown in your face about their new relationship and this allows you to heal.  Even if you don’t realize it, you might not realize that you are holding back your happiness when you keep your ex in your life, even at a distance.

There are many reasons that you need to let go of your ex and take them out of your life permanently:


Everyone that goes through a breakup usually needs time to grieve.  They need to have time to get past the feelings of their ex relationship and to be able to move on.

The good thing about getting rid of them is that it can allow your feelings to heal and you to move on

Emotional Reconnect

Once you are completely free form your ex, you will see that you will get them out of your mind.  There will be clarity that comes, and you can learn to heal from your past and get used to who you are again as a person.  You will learn to be centered and learning to focus on who you are again.


The pain of being in a relationship that fails means that you are holding on to the past.  This means that you are not letting things go and you deserve to be happy.  You cannot be in a new relationship because you are not allowing it to be meaningful because you are holding on to the past.

Avoid the Ex

When you have an ex that is part of your life and is familiar, it is easy to have sex with them and to be with them even when you aren’t together.  They feel right and they are easy to understand, and this can help you not to feel lonely.

Chances are you will meet someone that can be a filler and you can do this with a rebound but if you have a rebound relationship, remember that things are different after the honeymoon stage is over.  Things become real after the lust fades and then old issues will come to the surface.

When you go back with your ex, it can cause you to have emotions that are unhealthy.  There will always be a risk of getting hurt when they have already hurt you and this is dangerous.

Be Friends

You can learn to just be friends and you can do this, but it might make things harder to heal.  Take time after you break up and don’t communicate with them at all.  If you want to be friends later down the road, do that then but give yourself time.

It is possible to be friends with an ex but not to be a romantic partner.  You should never be romantic with your ex after the relationship is over.

Some people feel that they have to be a good person, and this means including their ex.  This is not true, and you have to learn to let them go.  You can reconnect later if life gives you that options.

Cutting off an ex is harder when you have kids or if you have the same friends, but you need to limit your connection as much as possible.


Sometimes we go with people because we have no self-esteem and we have to learn to get rid of the negativity and not let them in our daily lives.  We have to learn to let go of things and think positively in life and not let our self esteem get in the way.

Finding a Relationship

Even though you will see your ex again, you don’t have to love them anymore.  Remember, things did not work out for a reason and you need to keep in mind that they are not the one for you.

Being in touch with them allows them to be part in and part out of your life.  When you do start dating again this will cause hardship in your new relationship.  Get rid of them, go clothes shopping for clothes that you didn’t wear on your other dates and start things new.

Become Better

Even though you might want to do a new hobby to get over your ex, you will see that there are things that you have done when you were in the relationship that you didn’t love and things you wouldn’t try because they didn’t want to.  Do something new and try new things.

Some people think that they have to be strong and have new passions, but this is not true.  No relationship is a waste of time and each union is to help you better who you are.  Keeping in touch after you break up will not help you better your life and sometimes makes things worse for you.