The way that we view things will affect the way that we see relationships. If we see things as not having meaning to us, we will not be able to approach love with an attitude of getting or growing and it will be less impactful. An old soul experiences many differences that a new soul does and here are some things that they feel about love:

When we communicate with our partner, it can show them that we want to understand who they are, and we want to be aware of their desires and what they think. Being communicative with your partner will lead to intimacy and will help your partner to feel closer to you.

Everyone has different traits, and everyone needs to have their own feelings and space and when they are looking deep inside, it is important that each person in the relationship is understanding and that they are able to balance their life.

An old soul is committed but they are worried that things will not last. They overthink things and look for clues that their partner is not as committed as they are, and they are known to over evaluate their life and relationships.

At the same time, an old soul will spend a lot of time trying to live and understand what the world is showing them. They will want to have meaning behind everything and it will cause them to love the small things about their partner. They will love getting a sticky note that says, “I love you,” on the mirror and even small things will impress them.

Old soul’s wanting to talk about things, and they want to tell about everything they are feeling. They will want to be honest and express what they are feeling, and they want to be honest and understand the issues that they are facing. An old soul wants to have love that is holistic, and they want the sexual, spiritual and emotional part of love to all go together and they are fast to romanticize the relationship. They get to the point where the relationship becomes like a dream and they like it that way.

Being in an old soul relationship means that they will expect you to be the best you can be and to have morals and standards. They will want to date you in an old-fashioned way and will want to treat you good and be treated that way in return. An old soul will be a natural caretaker and will want to be taken care of.

Having values and morals and fun is important in an old soul’s relationship but the most important part of it is love and commitment. They want to be with someone that they can love with their whole heart and will be loved back the same. It will be natural for them to care for you and to want to be cared for and treated well.


Old soul love is different than other love, but it is strong, caring and powerful. Meeting someone and having a relationship with someone with an old soul can be rewarding and fulfilling in your life.