Nobody wants to go through a breakup. It can be heartbreaking and exhausting both mentally and physically. But like it or not, breakups happen. Whether it was due to an unreconcilable disagreement, unpleasant events, or infidelity, sometimes a breakup is inescapable. But if you’re still in love with the person you’re breaking up with, the process can be even more difficult. But there are ways you can handle and cope with a breakup with someone you still love and move on with your life without regrets.

Maintaining a Healthy Distance

When trying to get over an ex, keeping a healthy distance from them is a key way to help heal and move on. Deciding the level of distance needed is up to you and your former partner. And you can always start small and then increase the distance as time goes on.

Communicating Cleary

Clear communication is essential for any breakup. Because if you’re not on the same page as your partner, it could lead to problems and worse heartache. It’s never easy to decide to break-up, but the need for clear and concise communication is important in order for both parties to express what they’re feeling and what they need when it comes to making it through the break-up. Don’t place blame, as that will most likely lead to arguments and worsen the circumstances.

Leaning on Your Support Network

Support from friends and family is always needed after you’ve gone through a break-up, especially if your partner was you everyday source of support. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to reach out to your loved ones and lean on them whenever you need emotional support or are feeling weak when it comes to your ex and thinking about getting back together with them. Use your friends and family. Lean on them. They are the ones who will be there for you through thick and thin, and they will be the ones to help guide you through your breakup, helping you to move on.

Establishing Boundaries

When you and your partner decide to break up, it’s very important to establish boundaries between the two of you. This means laying out guidelines and expectations about your relationship moving forward. You’ll want to figure out where the boundaries need to be drawn and also how you’ll talk to your friends and family about the breakup, as well as deciding a plan for dividing up belongings and space if that applies.

Moving on Without Hard Feelings

Moving on may be a difficult process, especially if you’re still in love with your partner. And it may take a substantial amount of time to fully move on. But moving on is essential to healing and letting go. It’s important to move on without any hard feelings as well, because focusing on the negative will only hold you back and hinder your healing process.

Breaking up is never an easy thing to do. And if you still have feelings for your partner, it can prove to be even more difficult. But in time, with clear communication and the goal in mind to move on, you’ll eventually heal and head on to brighter and better relationship in the future.