Why does it seem that the bad guys always get what they want? It’s frustrating. And it seems that everyone else does, too. So why is it please that these guys breeze through life unscathed by the stressors and set backs the rest of us face.  They get the jobs and the get the girls.  It may sound like envy and it is.  Doesn’t everyone want to be rich and have a happy relationship?

So maybe its time to look at what is ensuring their success.

Bad guys don’t care

They don’t. They just don’t care what other people think of them. They do what they want when they want.  They have found what the want to do and they just do it.  They are simply living their lives.  Now ask yourself, do you do what you want? Or do you spend most of your time fumbling your way around the world? So now, take stock of what you want in your life and go live it.

Bad guys have guts

Bad guys have no fear. They will do what they want and not look back.  They can do whatever they want because they are not afraid. If living in a constant state of apprehension is holding you back, try living without fear controlling you.  All you have to do is try and be willing to fail.

Bad guys aren’t afraid to brag.

You’ve seen them, guys who don’t appear to have much to be proud of, yet they make the most out of what they have and they own it.  They aren’t afraid to put it all out there, no matter what it is.  Sometimes there is no room for humility. Celebrate the moments of your success.  Take your moment to shine. Once you begin to live your life fearlessly and to the fullest, you should  learn to celebrate it.

Bad guys are always hunting.

No matter what they are looking for, bad guys are always out there looking for the next catch. No matter  what they are in the market for, they are always looking for it. They go for it, all of the time.  This is good for them because they know that they can’t be successful if they don’t try.  This is a lesson we can all learn.

Bad guys never let a chance slip by

No matter what it is, a sale, a job opportunity or even just the last cinnamon bagel. The bad guy grabs each chance as it comes up. They know it is not a luck or fate, it is an opportunity that they didn’t let pass them by and the keep pursuing it.

So why are they bad guys? There are some people who are genuinely bad, but the ones we refer to now are the ones who have the characteristics we wish we had.